New job, this blog’s future, eyelash extensions





I’m back from my holidays in Trentino and I thought I’d share a quick yet needed update on my life and the future of my blog.

Last Spring, I graduated in International Relations and European Studies and took two sabbatical months, until I was fed up with people asking me “What are you doing next?”. Let – me – breathe – people. For me, May was a turning point in my life: I had to choose between a career in some international organizations’ press office or a career in the world of the digital agencies, where I used to work for a couple of months in 2016. I read a great article from ManRepeller “A Trick I Use to Help Me Make Big Life Decisions”, which stated:

“I imagine that another version of myself exists — maybe a twin sister or perhaps just a life-long best friend — and then I visualize what decision she could make that would shake me to my core with envy. […]
Envy is a very human emotion. In the real world, it can distract, bruise and drag, but in the hypothetical world, it can be harnessed as a tool to unearth deeper truths about what you want.”

And I ended up becoming a Copywriter and Social Media Manager for Nimai, a digital agency based in my hometown, Bologna.

Starting a new position has meant less time for blogging, especially for taking pictures I’m actually pleased with. I couldn’t keep up anymore with two blog posts per week (on Tuesdays and Thursdays), I didn’t have time to catch up with other blogs and I had to come to terms with the fact that my blog is changing. Also, I’ve noticed less engagement on my social media, leading to less motivation to create content.

I’m so busy balancing work and friends that I don’t have even much time to put makeup on. So, I’m going to put on eyelash extensions at the end of September. They cost a lot (110€ the first time, 50\60€ refills) but I really like my face more with fuller and longer lashes. 😛

We’ll see how things will eventually turn out here! Meanwhile, I’m very active on social media, especially Pinterest. If you are looking for some inspiration, just follow me there; my handle is @caterinasosso.


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