How to remove bobbles from your jumpers


I’ve been doing a capsule wardrobe for many years now and this means “less quantity, more quality” to make each piece last longer. I usually buy only wool and cashmere jumpers and, since they are expensive, I want to make sure to take care of the fabric. Annoyingly, even you wash them really carefully, bobbles and pills always show up after a while, making look your clothes old and overworn.

What I use to remove bobbles from my jumpers

Have you ever wondered how you can remove pills and bobbles from your jumpers? I use this Philips Fabric Shaver. I use this tool mainly on cashmere and wool jumpers, cardigans and socks. The blade has a protection that makes it possible not to damage any type of garment.

How to use this fabric shaver

A little advice for you: go over each area a few times and in various directions to get the perfect result!

There are 3 sizes of holes in the mesh so that you can tackle different sizes of bobbles, even tiny ones. It works with two AA batteries (included), so it’s portable and doesn’t use up much space in your storage.


Where to buy

You can buy it on Amazon for around 15€.


Personally, I love this Philips fabric shaver: it actually removes pills and bobbles from my jumpers quickly, they seem like new! Just look at the before\after pictures above. I believe using a fabric shaver it’s a good habit to get into because if you can make your clothes last longer, you need to buy less, you spend less and you’re doing a favour to our planet.

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