A perfect dupe for the Céline Trio Bag




I love designer bags but my bank account doesn’t share this passion of mine. I own only two designer bags: RSVP Clutch bag and RSVP Mini 5 Doors. Even if I’ve been lusting over the Céline Trio mini for years, I couldn’t get my head around to spend a fortune on it, because many reviews said that it gets ruined easily on the corners.

What is the best dupe for the Céline Trio bag?

Eventually, I found a dupe for the Céline Trio mini bag, the crossbody bag called Coralie by Coccinelle.


The Coralie bag by Coccinelle is a real leather bag with almost identical measurements to the Céline Trio bag. There is only 1 centimetre apart in length.

Coccinelle Coralie = 22cm x 14cm

Céline Trio mini = 22cm x 15cm


The main difference is that the Coralie bag has two pouches instead of three. Also, there is no gap between a pouch and the other, so if you pick your cardholder and you put it back away without looking it won’t slide out! Definitely a plus.


The leather of the Coccinelle Trio bag is made out of lambskin, very easy to scratch; instead, the leather of the Coralie bag is grainy, more durable.

What does it fit inside?

Both of these mini bags seem small but don’t be fooled! Inside this dupe for the Céline Trio mini, I usually fit a cardholder, a coin purse, tissues, two sets of keys and my iPhone 11… and it has still room left.

What does it cost?

The Céline Mini Trio is 850€, the Coralie bag 148€.


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