Converse Classic Chuck All Star vs Chuck 70



What are the differences between the Classic Chuck All Star and the Chuck 70?

They may look similar but the Converse Classic Chuck All Star and the Chuck 70 are very different.

Classic Chuck All Star

  • Finer canvas
  • White toe box
  • Stitching near the toe box
  • Standard midsole
  • White shoelace

Chuck 70 

  • An extra layer of canvas
  • Off-white varnished toe box
  • Reinforced stitching near the toe box
  • Extra cushy insole
  • Off-white and thinner shoelace

Are they true to size?

In the last few years, I think Converse has changed a bit their sizing. My size for the Chuck Taylor Classic All Star has always been 37 EU, whilst now it’s 36.5 EU. For reference, I’ve got a Nike 38EU.

My best friends own the special edition Chuck 70 x Comme des Garçon Play and suggested me getting 1\2 size larger because the toe box is narrower. However, many reviews online were like “definitely buy these a size smaller!”. Well, I didn’t listen to any of them and got a pair of Chuck 70 in 36.5 EU. Luckily I got the right size!

So I can say I have 36.5 EU for both of these models.

Where to buy

You can buy them on Amazon: click here for the Chuck 70 and here for the Chuck Taylor Classic All Star.


The still life pictures were taken from Converse official website.

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