Essence Rock’n’doll eyeliner: the worst eyeliner ever?




Last month I found this Essence Rock’n’doll Duo Stylist Eyeliner Pen in my PO box along with other bits and bobs from the Rock’n’doll collection. The most interesting item was this eyeliner because of its dotted applicator, meant to create the cute dot in the lower lash line we’ve seen so many times on celebrities recently. Not only is impossible to create the dot but it’s actually impossibile to apply a decent line, because it’s extremely dry. Can you spot the fine thin line on the left? This swatch was taken exerting the same pressure I would normally use to apply my eyeliner. On the right, there are other two swatches, but *warning* if you’d been as heavy handed as I’ve been here, prepare the makeup remover.

It only costs 3,19€ but I suggest you to spend the same amount of money in a matcha latte rather than in a product that doesn’t work at all.

In this picture I’m also wearing the False Lashes Mascara by Essence and, as you can see, the bristles separate the lashes but no volumising effect to report. Have you ever tried an horrible eyeliner?





// Il mese scorso Essence mi ha spedito la collezione Rock’n’doll, di cui fa parte l’eyeliner Rock’n’doll Duo Stylist, un eyeliner nero con la punta rotonda, pensato per creare un puntino di eyeliner sotto alla rima inferiore. Non solo il puntino è impossibile da creare, ma anche una linea precisa e ben definita è un sogno, dato che il prodotto è asciutto. Riuscite a individuare la linea quasi inesistente alla sinistra degli swatch? L’ho disegnata applicando la stessa pressione che utilizzo per applicare l’eyeliner.

Il costo è di 3,19€ ma penso sia una scelta migliore bere due caffè al bar piuttosto che comprare questo prodotto.

In queste foto sto indossando anche il mascara The Falsies di Essence che, come potete vedere, separa le ciglia ma non dona nessun effetto volumizzante. Bocciati entrambi! Voi avete mai trovato un eyeliner che proprio non vi è piaciuto? 


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  • I have had my fair share of horrible eyeliners, especially from the drugstore. Sometimes I feel like they are droed out 24 hours after opening them…

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • True! Another awful eyeliner for me has been the Master Ink by Maybelline: I don’t have watery eyes, but goshhh it used to smudge so badly within a couple of hours!!

  • No, it is the worst when you have a terrible liquid liner! LOL, definitely get the latte instead 😉


  • The (almost inexistent) line on the left is really impressive, I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of such a bad eyeliner experience. I don’t wear a lot of eyeliner so I haven’t tried a lot either, but I remember two from Bourjois, one which I absolutely loved and the other one which never seemed to dry out and smudged everywhere (both of which they don’t sell anymore)! Thank you for the honest review!

    • Oh noo! I’ve personally never tried any mascaras from Bourjois, but I’m eager to try their new – reformulated Healthy Mix foundation. Another awful eyeliner for me has been the Master Ink by Maybelline: I don’t have watery eyes, but goshhh it used to smudge so badly within a couple of hours!!
      Thanks for reading this post 🙂 xx

  • Ciao Cate! A parte i soliti complimenti che non smetterò mai di fare riguardo alle tue foto, concordo con te sugli eyeliner di Essence.. terribili! Come ti dicevo su Instagram non mi piacciono quelli così tanto low cost, ultimamente però mi sto trovando bene con quello di Deborah linea Puro, costa circa 5/8€ ma scrive tantissimo, è bello nero e facile da applicare.
    Io il puntino sotto lo faccio così e mi riesce anche senza avere un eyeliner apposta 😉

    Silvia |

    • Sai che condivido l’opinione sui brand low low cost! Comunque che ridere, hanno pensato ad un eyeliner apposta e poi non si riesce a fare neanche il puntino!!! -.-

  • I really had to look for the line on the left, I can’t get over how faint it is! I don’t really wear eyeliner as I don’t have much lid space but I will be steering clear of this one!

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

    • I threw it away even if I hate wasting things, but it was seriously impossible to use xx

  • It is very mild and not too black at all. Honestly, if you want a bolder impact I might suggest getting Mac liner it is much darker. It looks nice on you though it just isn’t as dark 🙂

    • I guess it’s my fault – I should have post another picture – but it was impossible “ending” the line, it was just really crappy 🙂 but thank you for the recommendation xx

  • Rebecca Rogers

    You’re so gorg! Please teach me how to make my eyebrows look like yours, haha! xx

    Rebecca |

    • Ahaha thank you hun!! I have been using the Brow Pow from the Balm for years now xx

  • Nina

    You look amazing.

    Nina’s Style Blog

  • Lavinia Nardini

    Onestamente non uso molto l’eyeliner…perchè sono un po’ imbranata a darmelo…ma il peggiore dei pochi che ho avuto è stato sicuramente quello che acquistai in crociera…non mi ricordo nemmeno il brand!
    Lavinia In The Wonderland

    • Vedo che tutte abbiamo avuto almeno un’esperienza negativa con l’eyeliner 😛

  • I.

    Caspita peccato! Io ormai ho trovato la pace con l’eyeliner waterproof di wet n wild, è nerissimo e dura tuuuutta la giornata e come prezzo si avvicina a quello essence 😉

    • Io uso da secoli il Perfect Slim di L’Oréal: mi piace ancora, ma ammetto di essere in vena di cambiamento! Ora che Kat Von D è arrivata in Italia, forse mi butterò sul Tatoo Liner.
      Non sono una fan dei brand low low low cost come Essence o Catrice, ma dato che me l’avevano inviato gli ho dato speranza, invece :

  • Revlon has a similar eyeliner that has a dot on its tip but that one is pretty good. I don’t have much luck with Essence mascaras and eye liners so I will give these a miss too.

    • Oh really?? I didn’t know about this Revlon eyeliner you’re talking about!! Thank you xx

  • Brutal review haha, sounds awful. I’m rubbish at applying eyeliner at the best of times, so I better stay clear of this one x

    Tiffany Tales | Lifestyle & Beauty

    • Yeah I always think twice before I write a bad review, but the world needs to know ahaha xx

  • Anni fa mi sembra di aver provato un eyeliner in penna di KIKO terribile. Era trasparentino e mi faceva bruciare gli occhi!

    • Anche a me negli anni Kiko ha regalato qualche dolore eheh :

  • Thanks for the honest review; I definitely won’t be wasting my money on this one! It’s a bit of a shame though, as it looks really interesting with the dotted end.

    Louse |

  • I don’t think I would get along with that eyeliner neither, I rather use really thin tips.
    Great review!

    Vanessa x |

  • I’m an eyeliner addict, good to know to steer clear of this one! Thanks for the honest review 🙂 xo

    Editionemmagrace – Lifestyle blogger & style sharer